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  • Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal
  • The Middle East is a huge morass of problems because of USA's meddling in their affairs: Why are there so many Syrian refugees? Why are Muslim Terrorists attacking us? Why is there so much bloodshed in the Middle East? Why are we forced to take our shoes off at the airport? Why oh why oh why ....
  • Trump chooses sworn enemy of EPA to lead EPA: President-elect Trump's transition team chooses a rabid climate-change denier to destroy the EPA. Their pattern has been to appoint to certain departments or agencies those who've most viciously attacked those organizations. It's looking like the plan is to destroy certain agencies. Of course Presidents Reagan and Bush43 did the same - for example appointing Bolton to be the UN Ambassador.
  • U.S. Subpoenas Icahn Over Biofuel Policy (Renewable Fuel Standard) While Trump Adviser:

    Billionaire Carl Icahn is under investigation for double-dealing, a.k.a. personal enrichment, regarding biofuels policy changes he pushed for while an advisor to the Trump Administration. Namely, in December 2016 Icahn joined the Trump Transition team to help shape Trump's regulatory agenda. During the time he was in that role, Icahn pushed for changes in the renewable fuel standard that would have benefited CVR Energy, an independent oil refiner in which Icahn owns a majority share.

  • What Does The Proposed U.S. EPA Budget Cut Mean For Automakers, Car Buyers, And the Environment?: Now that the Trump Administration is in power, lots of changes are underway. One of which is drastic cuts for the EPA. According to budget documents, the EPA will have to layoff 25% of its staff and cut over 50 programs. Some programs will be cut altogether, while others will be a husk. One cut is the vehicle emissions testing program. The automakers are concerned about this because while the emissions testing program is due to be cut, the automakers still have to meet the requirements in order to sell their vehicles. One idea is for the automakers to pay higher fees to have their cars tested. The fear is less stringent testing. Wouldn't the automakers have more control over the process and therefore commit more fraud?