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  • Denmark aiming to get 100% of its energy from wind and solar power: Samso Denmark was the first island powered 100% on renewable energy. They started with wind turbines, lots of them, and produce an excess of wind energy all year long, bringing money to the island. For heating they grow straw, that's burned in centralized boiler plants to send hot water around the island. Denmark as a whole is building massive offshore wind parks. A third of commutes are by bicycle, and there is a tax credit for electric vehicles.
  • Tesla Energy providing Energy Storage for Deepwater Wind's proposed Offshore Wind, Energy Storage Combination :

    Tesla Energy, the Energy/Solar side of Tesla, is partnering with a large off-shore wind farm on an energy storage system that will be the largest that industry. The project, called Revolution Wind, will be off the coast of New Bedford, Mass, and include a 144 megaWatt wind farm paired with a 40 megaWatt-hour energy storage system provided by Tesla.