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Clean Energy and Transportation News for 2018

Jaguar to make history with all-electric I-PACE race series

(December 12, 2018)

Honda Research Institute and University Researchers develop breakthrough battery chemistry

(December 6, 2018)

All-new 2020 Kia Soul EV combines Soul-Ful vibe with all-electric buzz

(November 28, 2018)

All-new 2019 Kia Niro EV Crossover-utility makes North American Debut

(November 28, 2018)

Alliance Ventures invests in Enevate to advance Li-ion battery technology for electric vehicles

(November 14, 2018)

Nissan has been backing away from the battery manufacturing factory they built in Tennessee, and overall the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Alliance haven't had a common battery supplier. This investment is for Silicon-dominant Li-ion batteries which may mean it's an investment in the future, and will not help current battery supply issues. But it points to a future where the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Alliance hopes to be leaders in electric vehicles.

Electrify America first California EV Fast Charging Station in Torrance; Nine stations in California by year end

(November 13, 2018) Electrify America is coming to California, with one DC Fast Charging location in Southern California, and a string of locations by the end of 2018 primarily along the Hwy 99 corridor between Sacramento and Los Angeles. One location, Dunnigan, is a thankful addition to the stretch between Sacramento and the Oregon border. While the southern half of California -- south of the line connecting the SF Bay Area, Sacramento, and Reno -- have gotten lots of fast charging, the northern half has gotten very few, making trips north more difficult than it should be.

Harley-Davidson releases further details on 2019 LiveWire at EICMA Show

(November 6, 2018)

A few years ago Harley-Davidson garnered a lot of interest with the LiveWire concept electric motorcycle. Even though that bike lacked performance matching extant electric bikes on the market, it was awesome to see a major motorcycle manufacturer taking electrics seriously. Today the company is announcing details on the 2020 LiveWire, and plans to begin shipping in late 2019. So, yes, Harley-Davidson may be ready to let go of producing motorcycles that make obnoxiously loud horrendous noises.

Department of Energy Announces $53 Million in New Projects to Advance Solar Technologies

(October 23, 2018)

Electrify America to install Ohio Turnpike's first electric vehicle charging stations

(October 22, 2018)

Electrify America expanding EV charging network

(October 18, 2018)

The multiple EV charging networks with differing membership capabilities have been a big hindrance for public EV charging. EV owners have had to maintain memberships in multiple networks, and have faced the challenge of only charging at stations where they have a membership. This agreement enables "roaming" similar to how we are able to use any ATM machine -- meaning they're implementing a system of agreements with other EV charging operators to form a larger charging network.

Department of Energy Announces $46 Million to Improve Resiliency of Solar Generation

(October 15, 2018)

Honda demonstrates new smart intersection technology enabling vehicles to virtually see through and around buildings

(October 4, 2018)

Volkswagen accelerates e-mobility for the masses

(October 4, 2018)

Volkswagen has been making big claims for years, that VW would be the prominent electric vehicle seller offering a full range of EV's. Here they are again making a big claim. VW is asking us to believe that during 2010 they'll sell 150,000 electric cars of which 100,000 will be the VW I.D. and VW I.D. SUV. VW plans to jump from zero ID sales to 100,000 per year over the next 2 years. But, how will that be done?To do that VW has developed the MEB vehicle architecture.

Audi unveils E-Tron FE05 for new Formula E Season

(October 4, 2018)

Electrify America announces second $200 million zero emission vehicle investment plan for California

(October 3, 2018)

Volkswagen's investment into Electrify America is increasing.

Mazda announces electrification and connectivity strategy for cars that invigorate mind and body

(October 2, 2018)

Mazda is all about engines, and therefore one should not be surprised to learn their "electrification strategy" is "compact, lightweight electrification technologies while further refining the internal combustion engine". As Mazda puts it, internal combustion engine vehicles are expected to be in the majority of new cars for years to come. Either Mazda is stuck in engines, or they're aptly pointing out the conversion to fully electric drive will take years to accomplish.

Porsche definitively enters the electric era with the new Taycan

(October 2, 2018)

Porsche is throwing down quite a lot of money and investment - new employees - new production facilities - for the purpose of "electrification". Notice in the title for the press release Porsche used the word "electric", but in the body they used the word "electrification". However they are describing a fully electric sports car and the advantages of moving to an 800 volt drive-train. It's a matter of physics, with the same wiring thickness Porsche can move double the wattage with their 800 volt system versus a 400 volt system. This enables ultra-fast charging at 350 kW, and higher power delivery for all subsystems.

BMW upgrades BMW i3 battery pack to 120 Ah cells, 260 kilometers range

(September 28, 2018)

BMW has upgraded the BMW i3 battery pack to cells with 120 Ah capacity, and a total energy capacity of 42 kiloWatt-hours. Because the i3 is built with carbon-fiber its energy efficiency is vastly superior to all other electric cars, giving the i3 more driving range than implied by the 42 kWh pack, or a total expected driving range of 260 kiloMeters. That's a 30% improvement over previous model years.

Lucid Motors providing customers with access to Electrify America ultra-fast-charging network

(September 25, 2018)

Lucid Motors, a new luxury electric car startup company, has announced an agreement with Electrify America regarding a nationwide fast charging plan. The Lucid Motors car can support ultra fast EV charging, and the company plans to go to production in 2020. It just so happens that Electrify America is building a nation-wide network of fast charging stations, with charging power up to 350 kiloWatts. The immediate goal is that by June 2019 the company will have over 2,000 DC fast charging locations across a large portion of the USA. Such a network is required in order to be competitive against Tesla Motors.

Energy Department Announces $5 Million for Energy Planning, Innovative Energy Practices, and Technical Assistance in 16 States

(September 21, 2018) To hear the rhetoric about the Trump Administration, they are gutting all environmental and renewable energy projects and we are headed back to the dark ages in government policies of all kinds. The reality is that the Dept of Energy is continuing to fund renewable energy and energy efficiency project, and the project funding announced here is an excellent example. This is a $5 million package of funding in three areas - "Energy Planning" at the state level, "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy" and other "Clean Energy Activities". I have no idea whether the funding level has decreased or not, just that the DoE is regularly making similar announcements to this, demonstrating that funding is not $0.

Audi goes Electric: All-Electric Audi E-Tron SUV unveiled, US Customers can place reservations

(September 18, 2018)

Audi began talking about the E-Tron in 2011, IIRC, and has shown several different cars under this name. They've settled on this, an all-electric luxury SUV. This car has a lot going for it, with plenty of cargo space, to a high power drive train, a dual motor drive train with very good performance, high power 150 kiloWatt fast charging, and a 95 kiloWatt-hour battery pack. Curiously this press release keeps reiterating ways Audi engineers designed-in energy saving features to extend driving range. Why would that be? What's going on. The Audi E-Tron should equal the Tesla Model X in luxury, capabilities, driving range, charging speed, though not quite in raw performance. Unfortunately, Audi designed in a huge flaw: the E-Tron is only available on special order. Therefore, Audi is not serious at this time in competing with Tesla. If Audi were serious about this they'd simply take the E-Tron to production and go head-to-head with Tesla.

Audi renewable electricity, charging station installation, and charging location designs

(September 18, 2018)

With the newly unveiled Audi E-Tron, Audi is showing off several EV charging connections. In a deal with Arcadia Power, E-Tron buyers can make a deal to buy renewable energy via a Community Solar program. In a deal with Amazon, E-Tron buyers can have charging stations installed by Amazon Home Services. Finally, Audi showed a concept charging facility design in San Francisco.

Nissan announces U.S. pricing for 2019 LEAF

(September 15, 2018) The Nissan Leaf is still one of the most affordable electric cars available. However, how can one justify a Leaf when for about the same price GM offers the Chevy Bolt with a larger range. Having a 150 mile range in the Leaf is a big step forward over the 72 mile range on the 2011 Leaf, but the competition has a 238 mile range for not much more. Surely this is why GM is selling more Bolt's than Nissan is selling Leaf's.

Electrifying power for supreme driving pleasure: the new BMW X5 xDrive45e iPerformance.

(September 7, 2018)

BMW is unveiling an updated version of the BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid SUV. It is primarily a fossil-fuel powered SUV, with electric assist and a meager all-electric range.

Nissan and EVgo open 'I-95 Fast Charging Arc' - EV driving between Boston and Washington DC

(September 6, 2018)

Nissan and EVgo have teamed up on another "Arc", meaning a series of EV Fast Charging stations connecting points A and B. In this case the route between Boston and Washington DC seems, going by the PlugShare map, to be already well-populated with fast charging services. More charging stations are certainly a good thing, however, and will encourage more of us to drive electric on longer trips. In this case it appears the maximum charging rate is 50 kW, which isn't sufficient for road trips, but the press release also says the facilities have been designed to support 150 kiloWatt fast charging in the future.

Mercedes-Benz reveals EQC, the all-electric SUV with which it hopes to challenge Tesla

(September 4, 2018) Has Mercedes-Benz designed a Tesla-killer? There is a lot to tackle in challenging Tesla, because of the range of services Tesla offers beyond just selling cars. To offer an all-electric luxury SUV indicates Mercedes-Benz is feeling the heat from the Tesla Model X, and is seeking to do something in response. MBZ is well known for luxury cars, and we can assume Tesla will be challenged by the EQC on that front. On performance metrics, the MBZ is very powerful, delivering a very good sub-five-second 0-60 miles/hr time, but the performance Model X of course beats that time. Also, the battery pack is smaller at 80 kiloWatt-hours, and the charging system is less powerful at "only" 110 kiloWatts, meaning that EQC owners will have slightly less autonomy than Model X owners. Finally, the production rate is not specified. Will MBZ try to build as many cars as does Tesla? If not, MBZ will be left in the dust wondering what happened.

Jaguar I-PACE sets production electric car lap record at Laguna Seca, to appear at Concours d'Elegance

(August 23, 2018)

Elon Musk overworked, ill-considered tweets about going private making Tesla Board look for a #2

(August 16, 2018)

A few days ago Elon Musk idly tweeted that he's considering taking Tesla private at $420 per share, and that funding is lined up. At least this wasn't posted on April 20. After initial excitement some realists started studying this, asked where the funding was, the SEC started mulling a stock manipulation investigation, and so on. And now the NY Times has an article following an hour-long interview with Musk, describing him as overworked, and the Board is worried and is looking for someone to take over some of Musk's responsibilities.

Airbus electric airplane flies continuously for 26 days, setting world record

(August 11, 2018)

Airbus has flown an unmanned high-altitude airplane for 3 minutes shy of 26 days, beating an endurance record also owned by Airbus. The airplane combines solar panels and energy storage to enable continuous flight, and operates at a 70,000 foot altitude where there is little air turbulence. The primary goal for such an airplane is to implement a kind of very-low-orbit satellite -- that is, remaining at a very high altitude means such an airplane can perform reconnaisance or communications services like a satellite, but without the expense of launching a satellite into orbit.

The 70,000 foot altitude is above the weather, above regular air traffic, and for example is high enough to provide a very wide viewing angle for camera systems, or for telecommunication systems, that might be mounted on such a vehicle. By operating on solar power such an airplane could theoretically operate indefinitely. But of course it is useful for it to land every so often for maintenance.

A couple years ago the Solar Impulse solar electric airplane used a similar drive train to complete an around-the-world journey. In that case the airplane was manned, and therefore its time aloft was limited to pilot endurance. The longest flight of the Solar Impulse was from Japan to Hawaii and (if memory serves) took over five days.

Honda SmartChargeTM beta program helps electric vehicle drivers save money and reduce environmental footprint

(July 31, 2018)

The most obvious time to recharge an electric car, immediately upon arriving home from work, is not the best for the grid. In the early evening is when the "duck curve" dictates a need to steeply ramp up fossil fuel electricity production because the sun is setting lessening solar power. It's necessary to instead orchestrate electricity demand, like electric car charging, to occur later at night when demand is lower and the grid has excess power.

Honda has struck a deal with eMotorWerks (a subsidiary of ENEL) to integrate eMotorWerks' JuiceNet platform, using that service to orchestrate the best timing of electric car charging. The eMotorWerks system taps pricing information from electricity grid operators to optimize electric car charging.

The current deal is to implement a beta program among Honda Fit EV "owners" to study optimum timing for electric car charging.

Toyota doubles-down on zero emissions heavy-duty class 8 trucks

(July 31, 2018)

Toyota is sticking with hydrogen fuel cells, this time for a class 8 heavy duty truck. The truck was unveiled at a meeting of the Center for Automotive Research, and increases the estimated range to more than 300 miles per fill. The vehicle operator has a larger sleeper cab than the previous iteration. The previous iteration began operation in April 2017 and has logged almost 10,000 miles of testing in real world service at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Toyota plans to put the new vehicle into operation this fall.

The design uses the fuel cell drive train from the Toyota Mirai - two Mirai fuel cell stacks plus a 12 kiloWatt-hour battery pack.

The described target is not long-haul trucking, but drayage trucking. That is, the trucks driving back and forth between cargo ships and train depots and warehouses. There's a large number of these trucks the vast majority of which are diesel powered and produce a horrid form of air pollution.

Former Toyota business partner, Tesla, is targeting a different market with their battery-electric class 8 truck. Namely, the long haul trucking market.

Sandia National Labs developing hydrogen fuel cell boat

(July 3, 2018) Ships at sea no longer must be powered by Diesel fuel. Research led by Sandia National Labs shows that hydrogen fuel cells can be used instead. An accident need not necessitate spilling toxic polluting diesel fuel into the water, because spilled hydrogen cleans itself up automatically dissipating into the atmosphere with no harm, and the exhaust is not toxic but is instead pure water. The work at present is about designing research vessels that run on hydrogen, but the team is also interested in other vessels. An earlier effort had focused on ferry boats such as are used on San Francisco Bay to shuttle around commuters. The result is the Zero-V research vessel pictured here.

Cummins Announces Acquisition of Electric and Hybrid Powertrain Provider Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. Acquisition Will Accelerate Electrification Capabilities

(July 3, 2018) Cummins is continuing its move into clean energy technology by acquiring Efficient Drivetrains, Inc., a manufacturer of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric drive trains for commercial trucks. Cummins is of course a large manufacturer of big trucks, and is looking to shift towards clean fuels away from the Diesel fuel that normally powers the industry. Earlier Cummins acquired Brammo, a manufacturer of electric motorcycles and energy storage systems, and Johnson Matthey's battery business. Another related announcement is that Cummins is developing both battery-electric and plug-in hybrid drive trains for transit busses.

Nissan cancels sale of its Battery manufacturing business to GSR Capital

(July 2, 2018)

Since launching the LEAF, Nissan's battery packs came from its subsidiary Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC). In August 2017, Nissan announced it would sell that subsidiary to GSR Capital. On July 1, 2018, Nissan announced it was canceling the sale. GSR Capital, a Chinese investment company, was unable to raise the funds by the June 29 deadline. Clearly the batteries made by AESC were not desirable enough to warrant an investment. According to Reuters, Nissan sought to sell its battery business as part of a plan to get lower-cost batteries from other manufacturers, such as LG Chem who supplies sister company Renault. Nissan has talked with other battery manufacturers about purchasing the AESC subsidiary. Panasonic is quoted by Reuters saying they're not interested in buying the manufacturing equipment used by other makers, and that Nissan's formulation is not all that interesting.

SoCal Edison Seeks $760M to Build 48,000 New EV Charging Stations

(June 27, 2018) Southern California Edison filed a proposal with the California Public Utilities Commission Tuesday, seeking $760 million in ratepayer funds to install 48,000 additional electric-vehicle charging ports over four years. This is an expansion of SCE's existing Charge Ready program, that recently installed its 1000th charging station.

Black & Veatch Brings Engineering Expertise to Santa Rita, California, Schools' Debut of Solar-Plus-Sharp SmartStorage® Microgrids

(May 14, 2018)

Department of Energy Announces Funding to Support Long-Duration Energy Storage

(May 1, 2018)

SAE International Releases New Specification (SAE J3068) for Charging of Medium and Heavy Duty Electric Vehicles

(April 26, 2018) The task of charging a big truck in a reasonable time requires a heavier-duty charging system than the Combo Charging System used in electric cars. A big truck might easily have a 1 megaWatt-hour battery pack, and a reasonable time to recharge might require a half megaWatt charging rate. Those figures are educated guesses. A factor cited in the press release is a requirement for 1000 volt system voltage, which of course requires certain specifications for the wiring.

Volkswagen unveils fully-electric I.D. R Pikes Peak

(April 23, 2018) Volkswagen Motorsport is seeking to break the existing Pikes Peak International Hill Climb electric car record - 8:57.118 minutes. They're bringing to Pikes Peak what looks like the sort of race car used in endurance racing, but with a fully electric drive train. The drive train supplies 500 kW (650 NM) of power output, a 0-60 miles/hr time of 2.25 seconds, and a top speed of about 150 miles/hr. The Pikes Peak hill-climb race is a twisty mountain route ending at over 14,000 feet at the top of Pikes Peak, in Colorado. The last several years electric vehicles have taken a larger and larger role. Scroll down to the bottom of this for technical specs and a full presentation.

Target’s Charging Up Its Electric Vehicle Program to Reach More Than 20 States

(April 23, 2018)

Takata airbags can decompose and once in that state, if triggered the airbag will spew shrapnel on the passenger causing physical harm and possibly death. This is a big big safety deal, so why is Tesla refusing to replace these airbags for folks who've repaired and rebuilt a Tesla car? For that matter, why is Tesla going out of its way to throw roadblocks in the way of folks who've done so? Repairing and rebuilding cars is a widespread hobby/practice, and other car manufacturers support the rebuilders with parts and diagnostics tools. Not so with Tesla.

Jaguar I-Pace eTROPHY racecar to electrify Berlin

(April 23, 2018)

Department of Energy Announces $14.5 Million to Advance Geothermal Drilling Technologies

(April 23, 2018)

Morocco betting big on concentrating solar power, hopes to get half its power from renewables by 2040

(April 20, 2018) Morocco has no fossil fuels, making renewable energy an attractive alternative to importing fossil fuels. Morocco has over 3000 hours of sunlight every year. The goal is for the country to get half of its power from renewables by 2040. This plant is just the beginning, yet it is already the largest solar project in the world. Coming soon is phase 3, involving a tower surrounded by mirrors that in turn heats a pool of molten salt that supports generating electricity for 7 hours beyond sunset.

Denmark aiming to get 100% of its energy from wind and solar power

(April 20, 2018) Samso Denmark was the first island powered 100% on renewable energy. They started with wind turbines, lots of them, and produce an excess of wind energy all year long, bringing money to the island. For heating they grow straw, that's burned in centralized boiler plants to send hot water around the island. Denmark as a whole is building massive offshore wind parks. A third of commutes are by bicycle, and there is a tax credit for electric vehicles.

Electrify America installing electric vehicle chargers at more than 100 Walmart locations

(April 19, 2018)

Electrify America is looking to build a nationwide electric vehicle charging network. Some of that network will be at Walmart stores, and will utilize ultra-high-power charging stations running at up to 350 kiloWatts.

Designing and Deploying more than 2,000 Ultra-Fast Electric Vehicle Chargers across the U.S., Electrify America Selects ABB, BTC Power, Efacec and Signet as Charging Equipment Suppliers

(April 17, 2018)

Electrify America is looking to build a nationwide electric vehicle charging network. This describes the charging station vendors.

10th Annual REFUEL EV Track Event is July 1 at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

(April 10, 2018) REFUEL is an opportunity to drive an electric car or motorcycle, in race conditions, on one of the pre-eminent race tracks in the USA, the famed WeatherTech Laguna Seca Raceway. It is conducted by a racing school, Speed Ventures, and is a time-trial race meaning participants are racing against the clock and not against each other. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the REFUEL racing event, and the organizers expect a large turnout -- if nothing else, lots of Tesla Model 3's will have been delivered by then, and Model 3 owners might turn out in droves.

Wireless Charging System Developed On Kia Soul EV

(April 10, 2018) Kia and Mojo Mobility have jointly developed a wireless charging system offering charging speeds up to 10 kiloWatts, at 85% efficiency. Wireless charging does not require the car be plugged into a wired connection for charging, of course, simplifying the charging experience. Instead of transferring electricity over a wired connection, wireless charging uses electromagnetic fields to send electricity to a receptor coil mounted on the car. Five Soul EV's were used in the project, which saw real-world durability, safety and performance testing.

UC Berkeley, CSU Sacramento and Cal Poly Set to Compete Ultra-Energy-Efficient Vehicles at Sonoma Raceway

(April 10, 2018) The Shell Eco-marathon is coming to Sonoma Raceway, a racetrack that has done more than most to sponsor electric racing activities. While many of the Shell Eco-marathon teams are running on gasoline, and are competing to set high fuel efficiency marks, some are powered on electricity. The Eco-marathon is a chance for student teams to get hands-on engineering experience, in a competitive setting, with the goal being to set the highest energy efficiency. That this is running on a 0.9 mile course says the teams will not use the main track at Sonoma Raceway. Instead there is a go-kart track on the site which looks to fit the description of 0.94 miles with 5 turns.

Jaguar unveils I-Type 3 concept livery ahead of Rome E-Prix

(April 6, 2018)

Tesla denying Takata airbag recall for salvage/rebuild cars

(April 4, 2018)

Takata airbags can decompose and once in that state, if triggered the airbag will spew shrapnel on the passenger causing physical harm and possibly death. This is a big big safety deal, so why is Tesla refusing to replace these airbags for folks who've repaired and rebuilt a Tesla car? For that matter, why is Tesla going out of its way to throw roadblocks in the way of folks who've done so? Repairing and rebuilding cars is a widespread hobby/practice, and other car manufacturers support the rebuilders with parts and diagnostics tools. Not so with Tesla.

Groupe Renault partners with E-VIA FLEX-E project to boost development of High Power charging infrastructure

(March 28, 2018)

2019 Hyundai Kona electric recalibrates the Eco CUV formula with an impressive 250 miles of estimated range

(March 28, 2018)

Jaguar charges ahead with all-new Electric I-Pace

(March 21, 2018)

In the Niger Delta, a battle is raging between local villagers and the Nigerian government. The villagers have little way to make a living, yet from underneath their feet there are tremendous crude oil reserves that are enriching the oil companies. The locals are running illegal oil refineries in extremely unsafe conditions, and selling fuel on the black market. The Military is attacking the villagers, destroying the refineries.

All these operations are releasing crude oil and refined oil products into the local environment that's directly in contact with the people. Fishermen are complaining their nets are being soiled, and that eating the fish is harming their health.

Nissan at Geneva Motor Show 2018: transforming the way we drive, transforming the way we live

(March 8, 2018)

Nissan IMx KURO concept vehicle debuts at Geneva Motor Show

(March 8, 2018)

Volkswagen unveils all-electric I.D. Vizzion concept at the Geneva Motor Show

(March 5, 2018)

GM path to an All-Electric, Zero Emissions future

(March 4, 2018)

Maven joins city of Austin TX in deploying all-electric shared-use fleet of Chevy Bolts

(March 2, 2018)

Jaguar charges ahead with all-new Electric I-Pace

(March 1, 2018)

Hyundai showcases world's first self-driven fuel cell electric vehicles

(February 5, 2018)

Jaguar I-PACE concept undergoes cold weather testing in Arjeplog, Sweden

(January 31, 2018)

Cummins and Johnson Matthey Expand Efforts in Electrification Cummins Acquires Johnson Matthey’s Automotive Battery Systems Business; Sign Agreement to Collaborate on eLNO High Energy Battery Materials

(January 31, 2018) Cummins continues its foray into clean energy technologies with the acquisition of Johnson Matthey, a manufacturer of automotive batteries. Earlier Cummins acquired Brammo, a manufacturer of electric motorcycles and energy storage systems.

Hydrogen is going the distance: Toyota surpasses 3,000 Hirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle sales in California

(January 23, 2018)

NREL Research Determines Integration of Plug-in Electric Vehicles Should Play a Big Role in Future Electric System Planning

(January 23, 2018)

Going global - ABB celebrates extended reach of Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure

(January 23, 2018)

Proterra is named in the 2018 Global Cleantech 100 and as winner of the 'North American Company of the Year' Award

(January 22, 2018)

NREL, University of Texas Scientists Determine Critical Factor for Improving Performance and Durability of Perovskite Solar Cells

(January 16, 2018)


(January 16, 2018)

Jaguar Racing accounce Michelin as Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY partner

(January 12, 2018)

ABB supports Sri Lanka’s renewable energy commitments with EV charging network

(January 12, 2018)

Cisco and Hyundai: Bringing the Next Generation Car to 2019 Production

(January 12, 2018) Cisco is seeking to do what LG is starting to do for the car industry. Both are electronics giants with expertise in consumer electronics. LG has begun manufacturing automotive components for GM and some other car companies, and now Cisco is beginning to do the same.

AeroVironment Unveils New TurboDX Next-Generation Global EV Charging Solution for Commercial, Workplace, Utility, Residential Customers

(January 12, 2018)

ABB to energize Singapore’s autonomous electric bus project

(January 12, 2018)

Ford Receives 2018 Hypocrisy Award for Promoting Innovation and Sustainability While Colluding With Trump to Undo Climate Safeguards

(January 11, 2018)

NREL Launches Electrification Futures Study Series

(January 9, 2018)

Multi-model Effort Highlights Progress, Future Needs in Renewable Energy Modeling

(January 9, 2018)

Honda brings Robotic devices and energy management solutions to CES 2018

(January 9, 2018)

Volkswagen and NVidia to infuse AI into future vehicle lineup

(January 8, 2018)

Nissan delivers the 300,000th electric vehicle

(January 8, 2018)

Panasonic Jaguar Racing set their sights on Marrakesh E-Prix

(January 8, 2018)

NEXO: The next-generation fuel cell vehicle from Hyundai

(January 8, 2018)

Hyundai Motor and Aurora partner to develop Levl 4 autonomous vehicles by 2021

(January 8, 2018)

Toyota Research Institute introduces next-generation automated driving research vehicle at CES

(January 4, 2018)


(January 3, 2018)

Nissan brain-to-vehicle technology redefines future of driving

(January 3, 2018)