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New Supercharging rates and your Model 3, what to expect -- Model 3 Owners Club

; Date: January 13, 2017

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In January, Tesla Motors instituted a new scheme for Supercharger access in newly purchased cars. The new scheme does not affect cars sold prior to that date, as those cars will have free Supercharger for life. Cars sold after that date receive a 400 kiloWatt-hour credit per year (about 1000 miles), awarded on the anniversary date of the delivery of the car. Unused credits are not rolled over to the next year. The amount will be tracked in your MyTesla account. Depending on location the fee will be either per-minute or per-kiloWatt-hour. The laws in some locales do not allow electricity sale and therefore supercharger usage must be charged per-minute. Future supercharger should support a 350 kiloWatt charge rate, going by an Elon Musk tweet.

Source: (www.youtube.com) Tesla Owners Online

Today we discuss the changes to the new Supercharger rates, what Supercharging is and what it means for your Model 3.Support our Patreon Page!https://patreon...
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