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Building the SOLN1-2000 Watt Capacitor Solar Generator

; Date: June 21, 2017

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Supercapacitors are like batteries because they store electricity, but they're different from batteries because the electricity is not stored as a chemical reaction. Supercapacitors are capacitors, but super, meaning they hold far more energy than regular capacitors. Capacitors store energy between metal plates that are separated by an insulator, and are used in pretty much every electrical gizmo to smooth out electricity, store bits of electricity here and there in a circuit and so forth. In some cases capacitors are used as primary energy storage -- for example some photography flashguns have a large capacitor that's charged up from a battery to emit a huge flash of light.

This video shows a Supercapacitor system built with easy-to-assemble modules with built-in balancers, that is charged from regular solar panels, and can drive regular 120 volt equipment from an inverter. The system is small and lightweight, but provides great energy storage capability.

With the system shown here, he went to a remote site and ran a cement mixer and various power tools all day long straight off sunlight and a small solar array.

Source: (www.youtube.com) lasersaber

Basic build overview of the SOLN1-2000. This system is still a work in progress. The basic BoostPack is now a lot easier to make.Other Projects: http://las...

Source: (www.youtube.com) lasersaber

The SOLN1-2000 works great on the job site. It mixed cement and cut rocks all day long. I will be making a DIY build video soon.Projects Links: http://lase...
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