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Sacramento Hydrogen Station Opens - #40 for California

; Date: May 22, 2019

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The Sacramento hydrogen station is open for business! It is the 40th retail hydrogen station in California and the third to open in the greater Sacramento area.

The station, developed by Shell, will be open 24 hours a day and is located at 3510 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95864.

Reflecting the ongoing evolution of hydrogen stations across California and the growing number of fuel cell electric cars (more than 6,500), the station is one of a few that has two fueling positions (aka two nozzles) at H70.

With two nozzles at H70, two cars will be able to fuel simultaneously and increase the number of vehicles served in a shorter time.

The Sacramento station joins the Citrus Heights and West Sacramento stations to support fuel cell electric car drivers in the area. To learn more about this and other stations in California, visit CaFCP’s station map at http://cafcp.org/stationmap.

CaFCP also has a mobile-friendly website, Station Operational Status System (SOSS), that shows station availability and provides other station information (hours of operation, address, H2 station operator and developer, etc.): http://m.cafcp.org.

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