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Autonomous vehicle technology going into weapons systems

; Date: May 14, 2019

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Many people are looking forward to self driving cars, presumably so they can play on Facebook with their mobile phones without worrying about hitting the cars around them. But the same technology is going into other sorts of vehicles. Autonomous vehicle technology is being put into weapons systems -- if I read correctly between the lines of this contact from a recuiter.

I just received the following contact from a Recruiter. I'm not qualified for the job, but I thought - hey - isn't this interesting that Raytheon, a weapons system manufacturer, is looking to use autonomous vehicle technology?

Everything described as topics newly hired Raytheon engineers must know are the components of autonomous vehicle systems. Ergo ... reading between the lines, Raytheon is developing weapons systems that contain autonomous vehicle capabilities.

A lot of these technologies are in the field of machine learning a.k.a. artificial intelligence. The "filters" talked about are used in vision processing systems. LIDAR is a system similar to RADAR and is used to collect what amounts to visual data. It looks like they are using multiple types of sensors, along with on-board AI driven data processing to implement vehicle control.

In case it wasn't clear this is about weapons systems -- Raytheon Missile Systems and Missile, Projectile and UAV experience is of particular interest.

My name is ______________. I'm a Raytheon recruiter and the we are currently hiring U.S. citizen experienced engineers to work full time, on-site and regular hire in Tucson Arizona.

If you're a U.S. citizen that is interested in positions with Raytheon in Tucson AZ, you should respond with your resume.

All positions require a Bachelor's degree or higher and U.S. citizenship is a must.

There is no possibility of working remotely.

Are you a US citizen that is a hands-on (non-manager) Engineer? If so, Raytheon Missile Systems (RMS) is hiring!

Positions range from Entry Level to Fellow. Raytheon is hiring engineers with backgrounds in all types of engineering including LIDAR, Attitude Determination/Control, Tracking, State Estimation, Kalman Filters, Particle filters, Embedded Software, UAVs, Autonomous Vehicles, 6DOF, INS, GPS, IMU, Control Theory, Algorithms, Sensor Fusion, Data Links, Feedback Control, Real Time Control, Hardware/Software In The Loop, DSP, HIL Etc. (too many to list).

We are also hiring engineers for Circuit Design, Power Supplies, Composites, Structural CAE, Aerodynamics, CFD, RF/ Microwave, Radar, Algorithms.

Missile, Projectile and UAV experience is of particular interest.

Bottom line, we're hiring lots of US Citizen degreed Engineers.

  • Positions require the ability to get a U.S. Department of Defense Security Clearance and the U.S. DoD requires U.S. Citizenship in order to get a Security Clearance. Therefore US citizens only.
  • If you are not a citizen or are not interested at this time please respond and let me know your current situation.
  • Must have a BS Degree or higher in Engineering, Physics or Math
  • All positions are full-time, onsite and regular hire in Tucson AZ. Therefore contract and/or remote are not possible.

We are not hiring managers.

David Herron
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