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Charge - Official Trailer for documentary on the 2009 TTXGP at the Isle of Man

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Will motorcycle racing always be about gasoline powered motors? To convert the society around us over to electrified transportation, die-hard petrol-heads must be converted and see the utility and power of electric drive trains. The TTXGP was an early attempt to catch the attention of the racing community, and this documentary showed how the TTXGP got to the Isle of Man.

Charge - Official Trailer

Charge captures a pivotal moment in motor sport history: the dawn of the zero-emissions racing era. It came on June 12th 2009, the day of the world's first zero-emissions motorcycle grand prix.

The race took place on the Isle of Man TT course, the most demanding and deadly circuit on the planet. The film begins in early 2009 amid the hectic preparations for the race and concludes over a year later at the 2010 TT Zero. The second race sees a huge leap in performance -- proof that racing really does improve the breed and that maniacs on motorcycles can be a force for global good.

We follow the fortunes of several teams in the run-up to the 2009 race and on their return in 2010, from swaggering US hotshots MotoCzysz to shoestring Anglo-Indian contenders Team Agni and local heroes ManTTx Racing. Charge is the dramatic and highly entertaining inside story of an unlikely group of pioneers -- obsessed visionaries, ambitious businessmen, new-tech eccentrics, government ministers and hardcore racers -- from as far afield as India, the USA, Germany and Britain. It's a human story as well as a technological one: the teams' hopes for personal glory and commercial success ride on their green machines. It's about the dream of a clean, green world. It's about the dream of winning.

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David Herron is a writer and software engineer focusing on the wise use of technology. He is especially interested in clean energy technologies like solar power, wind power, and electric cars. David worked for nearly 30 years in Silicon Valley on software ranging from electronic mail systems, to video streaming, to the Java programming language, and has published several books on Node.js programming and electric vehicles.