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TTXGP at the Science Museum, Festival of Innovation, following the 2009 Isle of Man event

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This is an exhibition event subsequent to the 2009 TTXGP on the Isle of Man. Clearly it involved some (or all?) of the entrants appearing at an event that included drag racing action against gasoline powered motorcycles. The video starts with a motorcycle labeled Mavizen, but this was before Mavizen unveiled the TTX02 and the bike shown here was completely unlike the TTX02. Next was the Electric Motorsport bike, and another Electric Motorsport bike, - which is curious since they are based in Oakland CA. Next is shown the Agni Motors bike, curiously with "Mavizen" stickers all over its fairings. That bike did not have Mavizen markings when it ran at the 2009 Isle of Man event. This is interesting given that the Mavizen TTX02 design was strongly derived from the Agni bike. Then there is a motorcycle labeled "Electrofit Zapi" that did not run in the Isle of Man race -- this bike is designed for drag racing and would not do well in track racing, but did use the dual-Agni design. For the drag racing, the Agni bike was actually ridden by Cedric Lynch in garb wholly unsuitable for a race track.

TTXGP Electric Motorcycle @ Science Museum, Festival of Innovation

TTXGP, Agni Motors - Cedric Lynch, Kingston University - Andy Irvine, LifeBatt - Ian Goodman, Native Motorcycles/Electric Motorsport - Chris Heath, at Science Museum Festival of Innovation at Wroughton Airfield. 1/4 mile Drag Racing on the Runway
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