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Electrify America collaborating with nine additional companies to host more than 30 ultra-fast EV charging stations

; Date: April 24, 2019

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New stations will be in California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and Washington

Reston, VA (April 24, 2019) – Electrify America today announced collaboration with nine additional companies to host more than 30 ultra-fast electric vehicle charging stations across the U.S. The companies, ranging from popular grocery store chains to retail shopping centers, will help expand the availability of electric vehicle DC fast charging for customers who drive or are considering purchasing a zero-emissions vehicle.

Electrify America’s charging stations will be installed at a variety of locations including leading grocery chains Kroger and The Save Mart Companies; real estate investment trusts (REIT) including Federal Realty Investment Trust, Fulcrum Property, ShopCore Properties, ValueRock Realty Partners, The Macerich Company and Washington Prime Group; and Pan-Cal Corporation, a real estate development and investment company.

More than 20 of the new charging sites will be located in California. Other charging sites will be built at locations in six additional states including Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and Washington.

“Electrify America is excited to work with this diverse set of companies as we accelerate the pace of electric vehicle charging station installations across the country,” said Rachel Moses, senior manager site acquisition and development at Electrify America. “We thoughtfully select locations for our charging stations to offer customers convenience and access to additional amenities, and believe that these new locations will appeal to a wide range of existing and future electric vehicle owners.”

Electrify America plans to install or have under development 484 charging station sites featuring more than 2,000 ultra-fast chargers by July 2019. In the first two phases of the company’s investments ending December 31, 2021, Electrify America’s DC fast charging stations are expected to be located in 29 metro areas, along high-traffic corridors in 46 states including the District of Columbia and two cross-country routes. The company is investing $2 billion over ten years in electric vehicle infrastructure and education.

With a focus on both future and present-day electric vehicles, Electrify America’s chargers range in power from 150 kilowatts (kW) up to 350kW, which can charge capable vehicles at speeds up to 20 miles per minute. The chargers are also compatible with many of today’s electric vehicles that are capable of charging at speeds up to 150kW.

About Electrify America

Electrify America LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Group of America headquartered in Reston, VA and with an office in Pasadena, CA, is investing $2 billion over 10 years in Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure, education and access. The investment will enable millions of Americans to discover the benefits of electric driving and support the build-out of a nationwide network of workplace, community and highway chargers that are convenient and reliable. For more information, visit www.electrifyamerica.com.

About Federal Realty

Federal Realty is a recognized leader in the ownership, operation and redevelopment of high-quality retail based properties located primarily in major coastal markets from Washington, D.C. to Boston as well as San Francisco and Los Angeles. Founded in 1962, Federal Realty's mission is to deliver long term, sustainable growth through investing in densely populated, affluent communities where retail demand exceeds supply. Its expertise includes creating urban, mixed-use neighborhoods like Santana Row in San Jose, California, Pike & Rose in North Bethesda, Maryland and Assembly Row in Somerville, Massachusetts. These unique and vibrant environments that combine shopping, dining, living and working provide a destination experience valued by their respective communities. Federal Realty's 104 properties include approximately 3,000 tenants, in 24 million square feet, and over 2,600 residential units. Federal Realty has increased its quarterly dividends to its shareholders for 51 consecutive years, the longest record in the REIT industry. Federal Realty is an S&P 500 index member and its shares are traded on the NYSE under the symbol FRT. For additional information about Federal Realty and its properties, visit www.FederalRealty.com.

About Fulcrum Property

As an award-winning real estate development and investment firm, Fulcrum Property is committed to creating innovative projects in Northern California. Founded in 1962, Fulcrum forged an early reputation for renovating and developing retail properties. Over time, Fulcrum has evolved into a full-spectrum firm experienced in retail, office and mixed-use development. Fulcrum promotes thoughtful design that answers the diverse needs of tenants and the community, resulting in vibrant, engaging places that people are drawn to time and again. Fulcrum delivers architecturally distinctive projects that influence the way people work, shop, and live. They anchor their properties in sustainable design principles that bring aesthetic, social, and economic value to the tenants and communities they serve. Guiding their work is a commitment to tackle some of the most urgent and challenging problems facing cities today – the revitalization of urban cores, the reuse of aging buildings and the creation of new community centers. Through collaboration with leading architects, engineers, and civic leaders, Fulcrum incorporates the most innovative ideas into each development.”

About Kroger


About The Macerich Company

Macerich (NYSE:MAC), an S&P 500 company, is a fully integrated self-managed and self-administered real estate investment trust, which focuses on the acquisition, leasing, management, development and redevelopment of regional malls throughout the United States. Macerich currently owns 51 million square feet of real estate consisting primarily of interests in 47 regional shopping centers. Macerich specializes in successful retail properties in many of the country’s most attractive, densely populated markets with significant presence on the West Coast and in Arizona, Chicago and the Metro New York to Washington, D.C. corridor. A recognized leader in sustainability, Macerich has earned Nareit’s prestigious “Leader in the Light” award every year from 2014-2018. For the fourth straight year in 2018 Macerich achieved the #1 GRESB ranking in the North American Retail Sector, among many other environmental accomplishments. Additional information about Macerich can be obtained from the Company's website at www.macerich.com

About Pan-Cal Corporation

Pan-Cal Corporation is a real estate development and investment company headquartered in San Jose, California. Since 1978, Pan-Cal has developed and built over 1000 homes, and has an investment portfolio consisting of retail shopping centers, office buildings, and multi-family buildings across the San Francisco Bay Area.

About The Save Mart Companies

Based in the heart of the Central Valley, The Save Mart Companies is committed to sourcing a wide variety of local products to communities throughout California and Northern Nevada. The company operates 208 traditional and price impact stores under the banners of Save Mart, Lucky, FoodMaxx, S-Mart Foods, and MaxxValue Foods. In addition to its retail operation, the company also operates Smart Refrigerated Transport and is a partner in Super Store Industries (SSI), which owns and operates a distribution center in Lathrop and the Sunnyside Farms dairy processing plant in Turlock. For more information on the company, please visit: www.TheSaveMartCompanies.com.

About ShopCore Properties

ShopCore Properties owns and operates over 24 million square feet of retail space across the US. Their assets are concentrated in densely populated markets and are anchored by best-in-class retailers. They currently have significant holdings in California, Florida, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania.

About ValueRock Realty Partners

ValueRock Realty Partners is one of the nation's leading retail and mixed-use real estate investment and operating companies. The ValueRock Realty executive team and its partners leverage their investment acumen and operating expertise to develop the most creative strategy to generate the highest potential returns for an investment with minimal levels of risk. The executive team at ValueRock is involved in every aspect of the investment process including development, initial acquisition, appropriate capitalization, execution of the business plan, day-to-day operations and ultimately, positioning the property for sale or recapitalization. The executive team has been involved in over $30 billion of transactions and have successfully led the acquisition of individual properties as well as entire investment portfolios.

About Washington Prime Group

Washington Prime Group Inc. (NYSE WPG) is a retail REIT and a recognized leader in the ownership, management, acquisition and development of retail properties. The Company combines a national real estate portfolio with its expertise across the entire shopping center sector to increase cash flow through rigorous management of assets and provide new opportunities to retailers looking for growth throughout the U.S. Washington Prime Group® is a registered trademark of the Company. Learn more at www.washingtonprime.com

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