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June 2019

What becoming 'carbon neutral' means to Volkswagen - Why it's the only way forward

(June 26, 2019) As Volkswagen says all these heart-warming things, that we must stop avoiding the question of climate change and move on to action, we have to remember the recent history of the Volkswagen Group. What VW says in this press release is very nice, to be sure. A few years ago VW was caught red handed cheating on emissions testing. They had rigged the Volkswagen TDI drive train to operate in a super-clean mode while under emissions testing, and to operate in a "normal" (hence polluting) mode in normal operation. VW had to deliver on the Fahrvergnügen promise (German for driving enjoyment). As a result VW has had to pay steep fines, several executives have gone to jail, and suddenly the VW Group is more interested in electric vehicles than before. If that's what it takes to make progress, so be it.

Hyundai Motor and Saudi Aramco to collaborate on Hydrogen, advanced non-metallic materials and future technologies

(June 26, 2019) While Hyundai and its partner company Kia have some very well designed electric vehicles, Hyundai is also keen on fuel cell vehicles. In this deal they prove that the primary way to get hydrogen is by extracting it from fossil fuels. Therefore the claim that the hydrogen economy is super clean is largely a fiction. Unless the hydrogen is extracted from a clean source, like water, it is a fossil fuel masquerading as a clean fuel.

Hyundai Motor Group's Executive Vice Chairman identifies Hydrogen as 'Sustainable Earth' solution ahead of G20

(June 17, 2019)

New Renault ZOE: The pleasure of driving 100% electric takes on a new dimension

(June 17, 2019)

Electrify America, ChargePoint, collaborate on agreement to expand public EV charging access

(June 11, 2019)

FCA US and Aurora to Partner to Develop and Deploy Self-Driving Commercial Vehicles

(JUNE 10, 2019)

Ballard Unveils 8th Generation Zero-Emission Fuel Cell Module for Heavy Duty Motive Market

(June 9, 2019)

Electrify America, Walmart, open 120 charging stations at Walmart stores with more to come

(June 6, 2019)

Electrify America announces 13 site for new electric vehicle charging stations in Sacramento

(June 6, 2019)

NEVS/Evergrande acquires British automotive technology company Protean Electric

(June 5, 2019)

Jaguar Land Rover and BMW Group Announce Collaboration for Next Generation Electrification Technology

(June 5, 2019)

Volkswagen ID.R sets new electric record on the Nürburgring

(June 3, 2019)

Energy Department Announces $2 Million to Advance Collaborative Geothermal Research through New International Partnership

(JUNE 3, 2019)

Electrify America launches mobile app, membership options, power level pricing

(June 3, 2019)